Portable Water Storage Tanks for Rent in Hampton, VA

Many industries rely on on-site tank storage for liquid such as water, waste water, and petroleum products. And in order to use fluids in your business operations, you need reliable storage for all your materials. At C & M Industries Inc., we offer Frac Tank rentals in Norfolk, Va area to serve a wide variety of local industries.

The Uses of Frac Tanks

Frac Tanks are steel 20,000 gallon tanks made to hold water or petroleum products for any kind of project.

Frac Tanks are also a great choice because they are built with a pitch built in. You don’t need to tilt or slope the tank in order to drain all the liquid or proppant from it. The floor of a Frac Tank is built to channel all material out of the tank. The center drain is the lowest point, which means that fluid can’t build up or get stuck in the corners of the tank.

Our Company History

C & M Industries Inc. has provided industrial water, oil, and fluid management and transport services for businesses in the Norfolk, VA, area since 1971. We have a wide array of equipment to help you.

In addition to our equipment such as Frac Tanks rentals, we offer fast response times and full-service solutions to keep your business running smoothly. We also offer emergency pumping or transfer services if anything goes wrong.

To learn more about renting a Frac Tank from C & M Industries Inc., call 757-543-8775.